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Kal Korff is the world's last original Roswell researcher, period. Mentored by the "Father of Roswell," Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, Kal's articles, books on Roswell first published in 1996, exposes 100 pro-UFO Roswell titles and authors. This book was the first to expose

Roswell FRAUD Colonel Philip J. Corso last century.

REAL History, matters!

In 1991, Kal Korff went secretly inside the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland. Posing as Billy Meier Nutter Butter Steve Thomas, Kal used this cover story to get original, firsthand evidence exposing Meier, recreating his FAKEship UFO hoaxed pics at the same locations. 400+ pages, 100+ photos, many of these never published before.

REAL History, matters!

Kal Korff SOLVED the Paterson-Gimlin Bigfoot hoax film in 1977, at age 15. While not knowing the name of the man who wore this costume, the fact this film is a FRAUD was first proven in 1977. In 1998, the man who wore this Bigfoot suit was finally found, so was the costume maker, both of their confessions

are in this seminal expose.

REAL History, matters! 

Kal Korff has had 10,000+ articles published globally since the 1970s. All of Kal Korff's articles meet one or more criteria of his Three Charters of Responsibility: 1. Conduct original research. Original research helps push humanity forwards. 2. Finish research left incomplete by others. Incomplete research is wasted research. 3. Study existing issues, find solutions, move on. Here are hundreds of Kal Korff articles. 

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