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Fact: If it exists, it has at least one purpose.

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Mirka Krasnyová is Director of Media Relations at and for Kal Korff.

For ALL media, TV show and production inquiries, contact:

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Mirka Krasnyova PR Image 1.heic

Mirka Krasnyová is Director of Media Relations at and for Kal Korff. For ALL media and TV show production inquiries, contact Mirka at:

UFOlitics - Saucer City Episode 1.jpeg

UFOlitics is the intersection of Politics, UFOs and the Paranormal. Nothing good ever comes from UFOlitics. UFOlitics: Saucer City was created not only to expose, but put an end to – UFOlitics! is a research and development think tank that:

  1. Conducts original research. Original research helps push the human race forwards.

  2. Finishes research left incomplete by others.

  3. Examines existing issues, finds solutions.

We use the power of data and evidence-based research to make new, breakthrough discoveries to uncover and verify truths. “What is necessary, is always wise."

UFOlitics: Saucer City is the exciting new EduTainment TV series which uses satire, comedy, parodies, commentary, analytics, AI, intelligence and real science to expose UFO and Paranormal frauds, scammers, hoaxes; individuals and entities who commit consumer and investor fraud and other crimes. In each episode, at least one case or issue is solved. Viewers can scan QR codes which appear in the show, empowering them to go online for FREE and explore as much data as they wish.

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Dikastis Royces 1.heic
President John F. Lincoln Kennedy 1.heic

Episode 1: Saucer City - A New Hope


Plot Summary: Increasingly in today's world, what happens in cyberspace or in the virtual and online space, impacts events and reality, in the real world.


As longtime Apple-Claris software engineers, Kal Korff and Roy Neil have created UFOlitics: Saucer City, which is part of the UFOlitics suite of products, research and development in partnership with and Neil Research Labs.

AT THE HEART OF UFOLITICS, is Saucer City. Saucer City is an online virtual world where Operation Pandora's Box (OPB) is executed successfully before the global public. OPB exposes and helps protect trusting consumers by prosecuting UFO, Paranormal frauds and scammers who harm society; commit crimes of Consumer and Investor Fraud, corrupt politicians; Presstitutes, waste taxpayer money on fraudulent programs playing UFOlitics.

"KALOSSUS HAS AWOKEN!" Testosticlese, the AI Founding Father of Saucer City, declares to his staff as he holds an emergency cabinet meeting to address very real national security threats posed by UFO and Paranormal frauds, political extremists and corrupt politicians. Being Artificially Intelligent, having scanned and then analyzed the Internet, Testosticlese concludes that such extremists, criminals and frauds threaten the safety, security, economic and larger overall societal well being (or "greater good") of not only the USA, but to all sane societies. Since the facts easily and self-evidently prove this, immediate action is required!


Testosticlese understands that taking immediate actions is most urgent because within three years unless it changes its trending, the U.S. Supreme Court, because it has become corrupted; will likely rule that "Avatars are 'people' too!" Testosticlese, along with every SANE person, KNOWS that Avatars are NOT people. While Avatars still have no "rights," now is the time to strike! 


Remember, the U.S. Supreme Court previously ruled that "Corporations are 'people' too," legitimizing and now CONstitutionalizing dark money and financial corruption as new pillar institutions in American politics; while claiming to uphold and defend, "WE THE PEOPLE!"

Ernest Justia 1.heic
Kal Korff Top ARSE - 1.heic
Adolf Leugnerhosen 1.heic

"What is necessary, is always wise," Testosticlese tells President John F. Lincoln Kennedy, who agrees. He approves Kal Korff's ARSE proposal and appoints Korff to be Saucer City's Top ARSE Commander. The Avatar Rendition Services Exchange (ARSE) program is officially created, funded with a three year budget. AI Attorney General Ernest Justia and AI Security Director Adolf Leugnerhosen both agree. Similarly, AI Supreme Court Justice Dikastis Royces decrees in writing that ARSE's existence is Constitutional, as long as its activities and "deliverables" - translation: renditioned Avatars - are all put on display publicly along with the relevant evidence, so the public can decide issues for themselves. Under no circumstances are renditions of Avatars to be secret.

ARSE's Mission Statement is to rendition rogue Avatars, regardless of their locations. ALL renditioned Avatars are placed in the Kalossus Grand Temple of UFOOLogy where the public can see them interred as "permanent guests" in their own Special Exhibit Rooms, surrounded by the best evidence against them – which is their own lies, bullshit and scams!

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Kal Korff President and CEO 1.heic

To guarantee transparency and accountability to the public, Kal Korff agrees to be a regular guest on the TV series UFOlitics, where he is interviewed by the host, Testiclese. Testiclese is a cousin of Testosticlese. Korff agrees that he will appear in every episode and provide relevant updates, answer questions, recount missions, undercover investigations, and real life experiences from his 50 YEARS as a top UFOlogist, Analyst, Intelligence Officer, Investigative Journalist, and now Top ARSE Commander.

President Ducker Carlson - 1.heic
Nicky Pope 1.heic
Jeremy Doorbell 1.heic

Testiclese features two guests in Episode 1: Conrad Piltdown and Kal Korff. Piltdown explains how “CONspiracy eCONomics works,” helping educate viewers to understand how such scams are successful, then proves that now disgraced and exposed, fired FOX TV Host Tucker Carlson not only lies to the public, but commits further fraud by featuring complete frauds and posers like Nick Pope on his show, as well as scammer and hoaxer, Jeremy Corbell. Piltdown also proves that when Tucker Carlson is not busy outright lying to the public, his false claims are being used by convicted criminals in prison to file court papers citing his lies and bogus claims as "evidence," corrupting the U.S. Justice system. Piltdown shows real U.S. Dept of Justice case filings trying to stop this illegal corruption.

Proticlese Prosecutes 1.heic
Roswell Clown Philip Dismantle 1.heic
FAKE DR Kevin Scandal Randle 1.heic

Kal Korff takes his team to London, England where he meets Procticlese Prosecutes, a London based legal genius. Procticlese agrees to contact every relevant authority in the UK concerning Nick Pope's long running scams, while also agreeing to take on another ARSE case – renditioning and exposing the rogue Avatars of Roswell Clown Publisher Philip Dismantle and his co-CONspirator Author, FAKE "Dr." Kevin Scandal Randle. Procticlese appears in several episodes, as do Avatars Dismantle and Randle.

Trespassing Tourists Security Escort 1.heic
Mai Chimera 1.heic
Grussi Wanderweg 1.heic

Kal Korff's team successfully renditions the Avatars of both Ducker Carlson and Nicky Pope. Korff makes a point to rendition Ducker Carlson's "Presidential Avatar," first, to help insure that Tucker Carlson never becomes President of the United States, despite his ambitions to be so. By removing Ducker Carlson as a Presidential contender, investigators will put together more cases against Tucker Carlson and put this evidence in his Special Exhibit Room for the public to verify. Two members of Korff's team, Mai Chimera and Grussi Wanderweg, remain in London. After they are finished spending the next few months working with officials in the UK, Wanderweg will leave for Switzerland to engage Pleiadora, who is building a Rebel Alliance against his own Swiss UFO Cult leader, Billy Meier.


Pleiadora seeks to replace Billy Meier as Top Pleiadian Kalhuna, because Billy Meier is old and will "reincarnate" soon. Meier admits he's already "behind schedule" on this front. Pleiadora is calling his Cosmic Watergate bluff, happy to usurp him. Pleiadora has made itself into a Nordic looking Blonde, in line with the intolerant ideology of the Swiss UFO Cult Master — Eduard "Billy" Meier

Pleiadora Hornchen 1.heic
Ducker Felon 1.heic
Ducker Knows 1.heic

Meanwhile, back at the Kalossus Grand Temple of UFOOLogy, Nicky Pope is put into his own Special Exhibit Room. The episode concludes with Kal Korff and Adolf Leugnerhosen, National Security Director, starting to interrogate Pope. Nicky Pope is then told that formal complaints for illegal activities are now being filed against him with various state, government and corporate entities and that these documents will be released to the public and media on June 24, 2023 on the 76th anniversary of the famous Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting. so that everyone can verify the facts, and to protect trusting consumers.

As Korff is finishing his remarks to Pope, he is suddenly interrupted and informed that FAKE "Dr." Kevin Scandal Randle has just turned himself in to be renditioned into custody to be interred inside the Kalossus Grand Temple of UFOOLogy. FAKE "Dr." Kevin Scandal Randle is doing this because he is "hoping to cut a deal with Korff as he did with Stanton Friedman, not to 'go after' each other."


Korff replies to FAKE "Dr." Kevin Scandal Randle that UNLIKE him, "I never play UFOlitics, I do not engage in criminal UFOOLogy racketeering – YOU do!"


Korff refuses Randle's request, then quickly recaps key reasons WHY. After listing a few, Korff informs Randle that specifically because of the false claims, dishonesty and duplicity of his Roswell Clown Avatar Publisher, Philip Dismantle, that Testosticlese has now ordered a new online expose series called The Scandals of FAKE "Dr." Kevin Randle to be produced. Season 1 is a complete expose of Philip Mantle's Roswell UFO book that he published written by FAKE "Dr." Kevin Scandal Randle.


Korff reminds Randle again, "I do NOT play UFOlitics, your Philip Mantle does, that is WHY I called him a CLOWN in writing in my 1997 expose book on Roswell which exposes both you and Mantle." 

CIA's Dr. Ron Scamdolfi - 1.heic
Oliver Stoned - 1.heic
Supreme Commander Moseley Todd - 1.heic

Kal Korff informs his team that the next Avatars to be renditioned into the Kalossus Grand Temple of UFOOLogy and exposed are the CIA's Dr. Ron Scamdolfi and Hollywood Movie Director Oliver Stone.


Supreme Commander Moseley Todd is tasked with starting his mission to interact with real world analog counterpart, Space Force, to pursue unsolved Fastwalker cases and to help insure that no UFOOLogy takes place. Moseley Todd goes to the USA to start his mission.

Kal Korff appears on the show UFOlitics at the end of this episode and is interviewed by Host Testiclese.


Korff tells his team and Testiclese that the CIA's Dr. Ron Scamdolfi is being exposed because famed FOX TV "Alien Autopsy" Producer, Mr. Robert Kiviat, deliberately refuses to tell the public the TRUTH about about Scamdolfi's lies, deceptions and technoscams which have harmed victims for decades! 

Korff tells the public in his interview with Testiclese on his UFOlitics show, that he warned Kiviat "many times," that once his lawsuit impacting the CIA's Dr. Ron Pandolfi was over, he would execute Operation Pandora's Box where it concerned Pandolfi and all relevant other people, which number in the HUNDREDS!


Kal Korff also proves to Testiclese that Kiviat had every chance to act on very real insider criminal whistleblower information against Scamdolfi, Dr. Hal Puthoff and others, but that Kiviat refused to do anything with this info. 


Kiviat's deliberate failures to act on the legally protected "Whistleblower" Complaints that Kal Korff drafted, filed, reported on and received official case numbers for from the U.S. Government, are exposed for the first time publicly.


Korff told Kiviat several times that he had officially assigned CASE NUMBERS - to this day, Kiviat never did ANYTHING with this info.

Kal Korff then gives this same info that Kiviat ignored, plus lots more, to other journalists, who, unlike Kiviat, will actually DO SOMETHING with this evidence.


Disgusted and presented with undeniable proof that Bob Kiviat is now trying to STEAL Kal Korff's expose work and intellectual property which is legally protected, Korff informs Kiviat several times that he CANNOT USE ANY OF HIS MATERIAL.

Kiviat calls Korff and ASKS KORFF IF HE CAN USE THE MUSIC Korff put into his presentations he sent to Kiviat before he ended cooperation because Kiviat was not being truthful with Korff and others. Korff REFUSES Kiviat permission, reminds Kiviat he is using his own music he composed in his own UFOlitics show, while Kiviat continues his game playing and avoidance over the FACT that he DOES NOT HAVE THR RIGHTS TO LEGALLY USE THE NAME "UFOLITICS" AND RAISE MONEY FROM IT, DECEIVING THE PUBLIC AND POTENTIAL INVESTORS AND MEDIA, trying desperately to get a "production gig."


Korff recounts on camera how he received phone calls from different people WARNING HIM that Kiviat was stealing his work, claiming false credit for it, and "playing UFOlitics."

In interviews with Testiclese and Testosticlese, Korff goes into much detail about Scamdolfi, provides QR codes so viewers can see the evidence Kiviat refuses to make public. Kal Korff ENDS his collaborative work with Kiviat, reminds the public about his own decades long-standing UFOlitics and UFO Dictionary Projects, and proves how Korff spoke about this project in 1979 in front of several journalists, who captured these exchanges in their reporting and took photos of the shocked look on Korff's face when he caught famed Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman fabricating data and playing UFOlitics.

Korff informs Robert Kiviat in Episode 1 that if he DOES NOT CEASE AND DESIST stealing his copyrighted material, that Korff will sue Kiviat, and so will the legal businesses and Neil Research Labs, an LLC.

Kiviat is then sent an Ultimatum - Cease And Desist. Viewers will be able to download it June 24, 2023 when the Downloads Center for ALL goes online.

In Episode 2 where Dr. Ron Scamdolfi and Oliver Stoned are both renditioned and exposed, the truth about what Kiviat is guilty of are all revealed.


Viewers can DOWNLOAD actual documents Korff prepared for Kiviat and other evidence, they are now all being released.

Kal Korff's UFOlitics Producer, Mirka Krasnyova, emails Robert Kiviat and invites him on Korff's show UFOlitics: Saucer City and to be interviewed by Testiclese for Season 2, where Korff and his team recount their work in Kiviat's FOX TV show, World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed.

Kiviat is sent a polite, friendly letter which is a "straight up" official invitation to be interviewed. Kiviat "blows off" Mirka, refuses to answer her points in her email, and asks that Kal Korff contact him, instead.

As President and CEO of, Kal Korff has Mirka send a letter to Kiviat informing him that he is NO LONGER INVITED to appear on UFOlitics and that he is not "confused," as he claims, but instead is "CONfused," which is distinctly different.

Testosticlese issues orders to RENDITION Robert Kiviat's Avatar, which is shown here below. In Episode 1, Kiviat is then renditioned into the Kalossus Grand Temple of UFOOlogy, where he is held pending any final outcomes over his self-inflicted shituation. 

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