Kal Korff CNN's Larry King Live on 30th Anniversary Special SOLVING JFK's murder, showing his 16 year study, beat Gaeton Fonzi in a live debate. It was so one-sided, no one called in to ask Fonzi any questions. Kal Korff's definitive JFK study has since been replicated by several researchers.
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"As one of the four original Roswell UFO researchers who was mentored by Stanton Friedman since I was age 13, I cannot let the false claims and lies about Roswell which are promoted by The Roswell Daily Record and frauds like FAKE 'Dr.' Kevin Randle, FAKE "Medical Illustrator" Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, and others. To see WHO is telling the TRUTH about Roswell vs. who is either wrong or worse, who had deliberately lied to you, just click on these links below."


Kal Korff - Author, The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You To Know, the bestselling expose on Roswell which exposes Carey, Randle, Schmitt, et. al.

Meet Operation Pandora's B
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New UFOComp AI Computer Study of Top 50 Roswell UFO Crash Books Proves Massive FRAUD by Top 4 Roswell Authors!

UFOComp is software designed for UFOlogy, not UFOOLogy. After analyzing the contents of the Top 50 Roswell UFO crash books, 100 MILLION of pages of data; hundreds of videos, interviews, radio and TV shows; the startling conclusions are being released in a series of science analytical articles and academic Case Studies in Extremist beliefs, CONspiracy mindsets and fraud. Every claim every top Roswell author has written in all their books, articles or made in their interviews has been analyzed. They're busted. The result is a new 12 book series (shown above) SOLVING Roswell and other top UFO cases!

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Top Four Roswell Authors Who Make Most Mistakes, Lies
Spoiler Alert: Carey, Randle and Schmitt are the Big Three, LEAD ALL TOP Roswell UFOOLogists.
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