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Kal Korff first started began lecturing at the young age of 13, then appearing in the media by age 15. ​He has been on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, etc. 

He is often called “a writing and production machine,” with more than 10,000 published articles to his credit written on a wide variety of subjects, 12 books; hundreds of videos and countless media appearances on TV, radio, in print media, it is understandable why. To date, Kal has lectured to more than 350,000 people around the world on four continents.

A prodigy student who finished high school graduation requirements in just three years, Kal Korff has devoted his life to three things:

    1.    Conduct original research.

    2.    Finish research left incomplete by others.

    3.    Analyze/Study existing issues, find solutions.


Each of Kal's projects falls into one or more of these three categories. The results of this research/studies are released to the public or clients in various forms so that people are empowered to examine the data and decide issues for themselves.

Non-Fiction, Investigative Journalism Expose

The Roswell UFO Crash:

What They Don't Want You to Know

The BESTSELLING Roswell "UFO crash" expose of all time - period! 

FACT: Unlike phony "Dr." Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, Nick Redfern, Rich Dolan, Tom Carey, William Birnes, etc., Kal Korff is one of the four original Roswell investigators. While the truth about Roswell certainly exists, trusting consumers will never find it in most books ever written on this topic, which they have paid money for. Kal Korff's book on Roswell exposes the false claims and outright lies made in the Top 40 popular works on "Roswell," separating facts from fiction. This book is also the first to expose infamous hoaxer Colonel Philip Corso and the fake "Roswell UFO crash debris" long overhyped by Linda Moulton Howe and TTSA, popularly known as "Art's Parts."

Kal Korff's book exposes false claims in these "Top 40" popular titles:

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Non-Fiction, Investigative Journalism Expose

Annie Jacobsen Expose Book Version 2.0v1

Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 Book Scandal

THE DEFINITIVE EXPOSE of Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 book Roswell claims! 



MultiMedia Elements on pages.

Coming: May 30, 2021

Undercover Investigative Journalism Exposes

Spaceships Hardcover 1.jpg

Spaceships of the Pleiades:
The Billy Meier Story


The BESTSELLING expose of all time on the Billy Meier UFO Sex Cult - period! 

FACT: Kal Korff is the only Analyst, Author and Investigative Journalist to ever go secretly undercover inside the Billy Meier UFO Sex Cult in Switzerland, and expose it. Posing as a Billy Meier "believer" named "Steve Thomas," who was "determined to get that 'rat bastard' Kal Korff back in the United States," the Meier UFO Sex Cult members welcomed "Steve Thomas" openly, especially after he started spending lots of money buying their "best evidence" so he could go back to the USA and "expose" Kal Korff! In reality, Kal went secretly to the same "UFO CONtact" locations in Switzerland where Billy Meier created his FAKEships images. Kal brought UFO models made from dinner plates and cereal bowls, and successfully recreated Meier's infamous FAKEship pics. 110+ Photos, Illustrations! This is the DEFINITIVE EXPOSE of the Billy Meier scam!

Kal Korff's book exposes false claims in these top popular titles:

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