Kal Korff CNN's Larry King Live on 30th Anniversary Special SOLVING JFK's murder, showing his 16 year study, beat Gaeton Fonzi in a live debate. It was so one-sided, no one called in to ask Fonzi any questions. Kal Korff's definitive JFK study has since been replicated by several researchers.
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REAL History, Matters!

"If it exists, it has at least one purpose. Nothing exists just for the fuck of it."

As a young prodigy student, Kal Korff first started lecturing at the young age of 13, then appearing in the media by age 15. ​He has been on ABC, CBS, CNN's Larry King Live, FOX, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, National Geographic, NBC/Paramount's Leeza, D:Programmed, Steven Cambian's Truth Seekers, Erica Lukes UFO Confidential, NPR, etc. 

He is often called “a writing and production machine,” and with more than 10,000 published articles to his credit written on a wide variety of subjects, 12 books; hundreds of videos and countless media appearances on TV, radio and in print media, it is understandable why. To date, Kal has lectured to more than 350,000 people worldwide on four continents.

A prodigy student who finished high school graduation requirements in just three years, Kal Korff has devoted his life to three things:

    1.    Conduct original research.

    2.    Finish research left incomplete by others.

    3.    Analyze/Study existing issues, find solutions.


Each of Kal's projects falls into one or more of these three categories. The results of this research/studies are released to the public or clients in various forms so that people can examine the data and decide issues for themselves. The greatest thing about facts is that anyone can verify them, as this site proves. Email me, let's get acquainted. With 500 projects in the pipeline, there's much to talk about :-)