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Meet our two legally owned companies,
and UFOlitics.

500 Projects,

12 Divisions

Before CriticalThinkers existed, it was a company called TotalResearch and had 10 Divisions. Due to clients demands and project requirements which had increasingly morphed since 1988 into the fields of Analytics and Intelligence, these two additional divisions were formally created in 1997 to "go all in." Boy, did they ever! They were first opened in Europe in 1999, then permanently relocated there in 2000, where most of this work had yet to occur. From 2000-2010, two, four and 10 years contracts were signed. The complete story, richly illustrated, fully sourced, is in Kal Korff's autobiography and elsewhere as noted on this web site and online.

"If it exists, it has at least one purpose. Nothing exists, just for the fuck of it. The key words here are 'at least one,' since everything that exists, has at least one purpose." - Kal Korff

Every company Kal Korff has owned or been involved in, has always been subservient to executing his Three Charters Of Responsibility began devoting his life and existence to, starting on October 19, 1973.


While the names of Kal Korff's companies and projects have varied over the years, their missions and focus never have.

Our 50 Years Story

Since October 19, 1973 Kal Korff has devoted his existence to Three Charters Of Responsibility:


1. Conduct Original Research. Original research, helps push the human race forwards.

2. Finish research left incomplete by others. Unfinished research is wasted research.

3. Examine existing problems, find solutions.

When finished, all data is released to the public in various forms and products, so they can decide facts for themselves.

Our Three Charters of Responsibility

Meet Our Team • Partners

Kal K Korff

UFOlitics •'s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kal Korff is the President and Chief Executive Officer of both the companies UFOlitics and Kal Korff has decades of experience in many diverse professional fields. To learn more about Kal Korff, CLICK HERE...


UFOlitics • UFOlitics - Saucer City

Testiclese is your humble German accent Avatar Host for both shows UFOlitics and UFOlitics - Saucer City. Too sexy for his own Avatar, Testiclese is the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great descendant of Testosticlese, inventor of the world's FIRST test. Everyone loves Testiclese!

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