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The Zeta Reticuli CONspiracy - SAMPLES 

REAL History, Matters!

"What are we teaching our children and future generations, when TV Producers, uncritical media and countless pro-UFO researchers promote fake history and false narratives, denying facts that are easily verifiable?"


- Kal Korff -

Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 Book Scandal 1.

Note: Kal Korff does not sell anything. Instead, it's available from publishers and other relevant entities. All links on this Web site portal to any items shown here take you to their respective online sites such as Amazon, Apple, Rel-Mar, etc. You know, just like everyone else. These companies handle payment processing, shipping, inventory, etc. Kal Korff is not involved.


Click the images below to view excerpts from this new expose book.

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