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Popular Top UFOOLogists, Frauds

UFOlogy is the scientific study of UFO data.


UFOOLogy is statements or conclusions about UFOs which are NOT derivable from credible data.

REMEMBER: The fastest way to identify a UFOOLogist is to ask them what the definition of the word DEBUNKER means. IN THE REAL WORLD, the word debunker simply means to separate facts from BUNK, or fiction. Debunking is a good thing. UFO Beliebers say: "He's a Debunker..." – they mean this only in a negative, disparaging way. This is really saying: "He separates facts from fiction."


Words either mean what they do, or they mean nothing at all. Don't be a UFOOLogist!

Exposing, Prosecuting UFOOLogists who
Commit Crimes of Consumer Fraud

Consumer Fraud is a CRIME, period. Many of the UFOOLogists exposed here, commit crimes of consumer fraud not only in the USA, but around the world, even from outside the United States. Included are links to investigators and officials to report their crimes, there are also links to help you get a REFUND of the money you lost, because you believed their lies and bullschlachen. This section is updated frequently, subscribe for FREE to receive UFOOLogy Prosecution Updates.

Operation Pandora's Box Objective: Expose Top, Popular UFOOLogists and Frauds to Protect Public

As excavations of this UFOOLogy Temple continue, this content will be increased over time as proper scientific processing artifacts and data permit. To receive your UFOOLogy Alert Expose Updates, subscribe for FREE by clicking on this link which is active December 25, 2022.

Temple Map
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FRAUD Psychic Remote Viewer
Ingo Swann 

To be blunt, "remote Viewing," or what once was called "Astral Travel" last century, is complete bullshit. While individuals may "get lucky" at times, the fact remains that three key figures from real history: two former Scientology Thetans Dr. Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann; working with Dr. Russell Targ at Stanford Research Institute on behalf of the CIA, NSA, DOD, DIA and Army, engaged in what can provably be called fraudulent "research," and have never been held accountable. Puthoff especially, is guilty of being involved in more than one technoscam, he played a key role in wasting shareholder investor money using it to buy FAKE "Roswell UFO Crash" debris from long discredited Alien Cattle Mutilation Queen, Linda Moulton Howe. These documents on this page PROVE that FRAUD Psychic Remote Viewing is exactly this – FRAUDULENT. Anyone claiming otherwise or is willing to accept examination challenges should email: 

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