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Investigating, Helping Prosecute the
To The Stars Academy Technoscam

"One man's 'freedom fighter' is not another man's terrorist,

this is a la la leftwing liberal myth which has never been true."

Kal Korff - Secret X Wars Against Terrorism: Volume I

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Investigators Exposing UFO and 'Paranormal' Consumer Fraud, Cults and Technoscams:

Kal Korff 1.png

Kal Korff

Analyst, Author,

Investigative Journalist 

Erica Lukes 1.png

Erica Lukes

Host: UFO Confidenital

Investigative Journalist

Art Levine 1.png

Art S. Levine

Author, Investigative Journalist: Intercept, etc

Chant Hannah 1.png

Chant Hannah


Investigative Journalist

Steven Cambian 1.png

Steve Cambian

Author, Illusionist,

Host: Truth Seekers

Robert Sheaffer 1.png

Robert Sheaffer

Author, Skeptic,

Investigative Journalist

Robert Kiviat 1.png

Robert Kiviat

Executive Producer,

Investigative Journalist

Steven Greenstreet 1.png

Steven Greenstreet

Investigative Journalist

New York Post

"Whistleblower" Exposes: AAWSAP,
AATIP, Skinwalker Ranch and TTSA:

Robert Bigelow 1.png

Robert Bigelow

Senator Harry Reid Donor

Nevada Hotel Owner

James Lacatski 1.png

James Lacatski

AAWSAP Controller,


Leslie Kean 1.png

Leslie Kean

Consumer Fraud,

Touches Ghosts

Harry Reid 1.png

Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader

Nevada - Democrat

Dr. Hal Puthoff 1.png

Hal Puthoff

Remote Viewer, Technoscammer

Bryan Bender 1.png

Bryan Bender


TTSA Investor

Daniel Inoyue 1.png

Daniel Inoyue


Hawaii - Democrat

Dr. Eric Davis 1.png

Eric Davis

Longtime Puthoff Technoscam Partner

Chris Mellon 1.png

Chris Mellon

UFO "Lobbyist"

TTSA Co-Founder

Ted Stevens 1.png

Ted Stevens


Alaska - Republican

George Knapp 1.png

George Knapp

Consumer Fraud: Author, Bob Lazar, Skinwalker books

Tom DeLonge 1.png

Tom DeLonge

UFO Belieber Extremist,

TTSA Co-Founder

Our Clients

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