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UFOlogy UFOOLogy Volume 6 - Exposed - The Bob Lazar CONspiracy Book Cover 1.png

Ships December 2021!

REAL History, Matters!

"What are we teaching our children and future generations, when authors like George Knapp and film producers like Jeremy Corbell make a POINT to promote a fake historical narrative that not only lies about history, but is impossible in its very construct and worse, arguably mocks and denigrates the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces and government? These lying claims about a 'Cosmic Watergate,' driven by UFO Beliebers and extremists who have an agenda to push an 'aliens are visiting us agenda,' are a danger to intelligent if it hopes to encourage vital skills such as Critical Thinking. What's next? 'Paranormal' events at Skinwalker Ranch? Oh wait! They've already done that. It's time for this previously exposed fraud to be exposed once again for the current generation, so that they know the truth and can verify it themselves."

- Kal Korff -

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