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Ingo Swann was a former Scientologist and FRAUD, a self-proclaimed "Psychic Remote Viewer" who was also an accomplished artist. As a key individual involved in the European transexual movement, Swann's own brazen bisexuality opened many doors for him. Swann writes passionately about these affairs and his own sexual issues. His past sexual romps with everyone from U.S. Government officials, members of the Intelligence community and New Age movements in both the USA and Europe in the 1970s-80s, are well known.


Ass usual, the many scandals concerning Ingo Swann are all butt ignored by his promoters and people like Dr. Hal Puthoff, who is also a former Scientologist and close fried of Swann's. Puthoff is a decades long FRAUD technoscammer who was first exposed in the 1970s for his "paranormal research" scandals at Stanford Research Institute.  


Feel free to ASK HAL PUTHOFF about Ingo Swann's sexual affairs, specifically, ask Puthoff about how one of his fellow FRAUD "Psychic Remote Viewers" named Hella Hammid, had an affair with former a Senate "ethics" and "oversight" lawyer. Not coincidentally, these under-the-cover "Special Activities" helped insure that taxpayer money continued flowing NOT BECAUSE these people had any REAL "psychic powers," but instead, to be extremely blunt – it was pussy and blow jobs that fueled in no small part, taxpayer waste and fraud.


The evidence proving that Ingo Swann was indeed a fraud, is massive and beyond dispute. Anyone who endorses Ingo Swann as being a real or genuine psychic remote viewer is either a member (unknowingly or otherwise) of the Ignorati, or is a liar or denier of reality on this issue. Here is a small sample of the data proving that Ingo Swann was a "FRAUD Psychic Remote Viewer," which is why he is only referred to as being such in these exposes.


Please view these document Exhibits below: 

Leslie Kean
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