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REAL History, Matters! Meet The World's FIRST InfinityBook: READ
Kal Korff's New, Explosive InfinityBook UFOlitics • Saucer City - Origins

REAL History, Matters!

In both UFOlitics and Saucer City, events that happen in these two online universes impacts their real life or analog counterparts. To explore these strange but stunning new worlds, READ them for free, learn the TRUTH.

Since Oct. 19, 1973 Kal Korff has devoted his life to these Three Charters of Responsibility:
1. Conduct original research.
2. Finish research left incomplete by others.
3. Study existing issues, find solutions.

Art Levine's Spaceship Of Fools EXPOSES Top Congress 'Oversight' and Senate FRAUDS,
UFO Lobbyists, Whistleblower Disclosure Extremists, Presstitutes, CIA Scammer Ron Pandolfi

Internationally respected, top Investigative Journalist and Author, Washington DC-based Art Levine, writes two of the most detailed and seminal expose articles in history, on top UFO frauds who have been deceiving the public for decades, who are now also busy "advising" Congress and the Senate, wasting taxpayer money, deceiving the world yet again. Let that sink in.
Not only has Art Levine done his own outstanding and excellent investigations of criminal UFO frauds, hoaxes and scams since the 1990s such as FAKE "Dr." Kevin Randle of Roswell UFO crash myth fame, Levine was also secretly embedded in ​Operation Pandora's Box (OPB). 


Levine was given full access to 20% of OPB for 20 months as Kal Korff and his team worked to bring and UFOlitics prosecution efforts and legally protected whistleblower complaints to officials.

Kal Korff, his previous companies like TotalResearch, gained worldwide fame on major TV networks starting in the 1970s exposing top UFO and CONspiracy frauds and Paranormal cases, pushing to even prosecute them. UFOlitics the company, created and founded by Kal Korff, officially exists as a global think tank that helps expose and prosecute UFOlitics, UFOliticians, Presstitutes, Frauds who rip off consumers, media entities who deceive the public, CONspiracy extremists. Kal Korff is the only person who bothered filing several legally protected whistleblower complaints against UFO frauds and scammers.

REAL History, Matters!

Top Non-Fiction original scientific, investigative, research and reference expose books by Kal Korff and other Top Researchers, Historians, Scientists.


Operation Pandora's Box exposes hundreds of people. ALL of them will be listed on this web site over time as investigative, expose and prosecutorial factors permit.


We are not the only ones who expose UFO frauds, scammers, Presstitutes, producers, media entities and Politicians who waste taxpayer money playing UFOlitics, manipulating voters, deceiving the public.

Each of these original scientific, investigative, research and reference books meets one or more of Kal Korff and CriticalThinkers' criteria or Three Charters Of Responsibility: 1. Conduct original research. 2. Finish research left incomplete by others. 3. Study issues, find solutions.

#1 Selling Expose on the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland!

In 1991, Kal Korff went secretly inside the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland to expose it. Posing as a Meier Belieber named Steve Thomas, Kal used this cover story to get original, firsthand evidence exposing Meier and recreated his FAKEship UFO photos at the same locations! 439 pages, 110+ pics, many not seen before.

#1 Selling Expose of 100 Books on the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash!

Kal Korff is the world's last original Roswell researcher, period. Mentored by "Father of Roswell," Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman, Kal's articles, books on Roswell first printed in 1997 expose 100 pro-UFO Roswell books and authors. This edition was the first to expose Roswell FRAUD Colonel Philip Corso back in the year 2000.

#1 Selling Expose on the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film!

Kal Korff SOLVED the Paterson-Gimlin Bigfoot hoax film in 1977, at age 15. While not knowing the name of the man who wore this costume, the fact this film is a FRAUD was proven as such in 1977. In 1998, the man who wore this Bigfoot suit was finally found, so was its costume maker, their confessions are in this BOOK!

Top Selling, #1 DEFINITIVE EXPOSES SOLVING these Popular UFO, Mystery Cases!

Where critical minds gather for informed perspectives.

Where critical minds gather for informed perspectives.

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