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Bob Kiviat (Avatar Bob Kribbiat) gets exposed bigly across the entire arc of Kal Korff's UFOlitics and Saucer City online series. In the ongoing plot, Kribbiat's Moulin Morgue (where he filmed World's Greatest Hoaxes) has been taken over by Kribbiat Clowns who buy his videos, stupidly Beliebe his every word. They discover hidden in each room, MANY TRUTHS Kribbiat never revealed. Now they're pissed, must be stopped by Kal Korff.


We are NOT the only ones who expose UFO frauds, scammers, Presstitutes, producers, media entities and Politicians who waste taxpayer money playing UFOlitics, manipulating voters, deceiving the public.


Each of these original scientific, investigative, research and reference books meets one or more of Kal Korff and CriticalThinkers' criteria or Three Charters Of Responsibility: 1. Conduct original research. 2. Finish research left incomplete by others. 3. Study issues, find solutions, move on.

#1 Selling Expose on the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland!

In 1991, Kal Korff went secretly inside the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland to expose it. Posing as a Meier Belieber named Steve Thomas, Kal used this cover story to get original, firsthand evidence exposing Meier and recreated his FAKEship UFO photos at the same locations! 439 Pages, 110+ pics, many not seen before.


#1 Selling Expose of 100 Books on the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash!

Kal Korff is the world's last original Roswell researcher, period. Mentored by "Father of Roswell," Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman, Kal's articles, books on Roswell first printed in 1997 expose 100 pro-UFO Roswell books and authors. This edition was the first to expose Roswell FRAUD Colonel Philip Corso back in the year 2000.

#1 Selling Expose on the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film!

Kal Korff SOLVED the Paterson-Gimlin Bigfoot hoax film in 1977, at age 15. While not knowing the name of the man who wore this costume, the fact this film is a FRAUD was proven as such in 1977. In 1998, the man who wore this Bigfoot suit was finally found, so was its costume maker, their confessions are in this BOOK!

The World's #1 UFO Dictionary

1973 Classic Is Now FREE Online

In 1973 Kal Korff created the UFO Dictionary Project, receiving endorsements in publications by Stanton Friedman, "The Father of Roswell," and Bill Moore, co-author of the original Roswell Incident book. Now, it's being made free, online.


#1 Insider Account Secretly Hunting Crashed Saucers 

Kal Korff is the world's last original Roswell researcher. Working with crash retrieval case pioneer Len Stringfield, this is a unique, fully sourced historic work using exclusive original forensics materials from the 1970s investigations up to 2023.

#1 Expose CIA's UFO Disinfo Boffin Ron Pandolfi, Bob Kiviat

Kal Korff was hired by famed FOX TV Alien FRAUDtopsy Producer Bob Kiviat to be his Director of Research on shows. After busting Kiviat playing UFOlitics and lying, Korff exposes Kiviat and his CIA UFO Disinfo scientist pal, Ron Pandolfi's crimes.

#1 Expose on Annie Jacobsen's Roswell, Area 51 Book SCANDAL

Annie Jacobsen's #1 Bestselling book on Area 51 gets exposed for its lies about the 1947 mythical Roswell UFO crash being faked by Joseph Stalin and Nazi Holocaust war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele, using "surgically altered" kids to panic the USA.

#1 Selling Expose on CIA's CONspiracy re Wendelle Stevens

In 1983 Kal Korff was the first journalist to break open the story exposing U.S. Air Force Colonel Wendelle Stevens, the Chief Investigator of the Billy Meier UFO Cult, for being a thrice convicted child molester! See exclusive criminal files in this book.

#1 Expose on Linda Howe's Cattle Mutilation, Roswell UFO Scams

This is a revised work from the original book, which was first published in India. This update has new material, including the criminal complaint for fraud selling fake Roswell debris against Howe filed by UFOlitics President and CEO, Kal Korff.

#1 Selling Expose on CIA's CONspiracy re Wendelle Stevens

In 1976, the world's most famous "Alien Abduction" in UFO literature (the Betty and Barney Hill case) was solved by UFO Skeptic, Robert Sheaffer. At 14, a young Kal Korff verified Sheaffer's work, causing problems with Stanton Friedman over the ramifications of Sheaffer's great work!

#1 Selling Expose on CIA's CONspiracy re Wendelle Stevens

This is the only book that solves both the Roswell, New Mexico and Kecksburg, Pennsylvania "UFO crashes" which remain popular in American culture decades later, thanks to lies and deceptive 'reporting' by top media. Richly illustrated with exclusive images and documents.

#1 Expose of Top, Most Popular UFOOLogy Frauds, Presstitutes

This is the only book that exposes FAKE "Dr." Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, Philip Mantle, Leslie Kean, George Knapp, Nick Pope, Jeremy Corbell, Bob Kiviat, Lue Elizondo, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Linda Howe, Annie Jacobsen, Billy Meier and his UFO Cult fraud spokesman, Mikey Horn

Top Selling, #1 DEFINITIVE EXPOSES SOLVING these Popular Mystery Cases!

Presstitutes, Disinfo Producers • Exposing FOX TV's Bob Kribbiat

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