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Ingo Swann was a fraud Psychic Remote Viewer whose lies and chicanery wasted millions of dollars in taxpayer money. According to popular disinfo and misinfo, the LIE is that Swann really did have genuine Psychic abilities because his magical powers were "authenticated" by then former Scientology Thetan, Dr. Hal Puthoff, during their SRI scandal years. This online Temple exposing Swann includes his "visits" to the back side of the Moon, the surfaces of the planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, ad nauseam. Not only did Swann claim to be on other planets, he even described large cities housing as many as a million aliens. Since it was the CIA and DIA who wasted taxpayer money and time on Swann's frauds "authenticating" them (in the words of fellow exposed fraud Dr. Hal Puthoff), ask the CIA, DIA and U.S. Army today about their Star Gate scandals and if Ingo Swann was an exposed fraud. Their answers are craftily evasive, playing UFOlitics.

Ingo Swann (Ingo Batty) FRAUD Psychic Remote Viewer, Scientology Thetan

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