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Free Basic and Free Higher Education

Kal Korff: As a longtime teacher, lecturer, Vice-President of ScholarComp and former K-5 Principal, my views on this are as follows: "Education should not only be free, it is a universal human right, right up there with freedom of speech, democracy itself, freedom of the press, the right to own a gun, the right to vote and choose a representative government; freedom of religion, the peaceful right of assembly, etc. "Basic universal education must not only remain free, its' overall standards must continue to be improved nationwide, without exceptions. Teachers and other educators must also be paid higher wages, it is not logical to underpay the very people we trust our childrens' education to, which also automagically means the very educational future of our nation to. We can't do it on the cheap, and must never invite such mentality. "Higher education must also be made free. This includes as high up as a Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science degree. Professionals who end up with degrees, should have their educational costs eliminated in exchange for service to the public. "The win-win here is obvious, the more highly educated a nation's citizenry is, the greater it will prosper."

Strong National Defense

Kal Korff: "We must always have a strong national defense (NSD), period. "This is not negotiable. The United States must always have the best military in the world, be the most prepared for any situtations. "Being the best in the world means as both a stand alone series of entities, as well as work in unprecedented and unique ways with our allies and partners. "This means united as one, but also autonomous."

Voter ID laws

Kal Korff: "I fully support fair and legal, voter ID laws. The right to vote must not only be protected, the integrity of the vote must also be protected. "It is ridiculous that one has to show ID to buy a beer, but no need to show any ID to vote for the next Congress or Senate member, or even President of the United States of America. "This makes no sense. Everyone should be automagically enrolled and registered to vote on an annual basis, this change must become inherent in our system. "Voter ID laws must empower our citizens to legally vote, not discriminate nor disenfranchise any of them."


Kal Korff: "There is no excuse for hunger existing in today's world. "In the United States alone, about half of all food produced each day goes wasted. This is both by accident and it is especially by choice. "There is no excuse for this waste. Almost all of this wasted food could be used to feed and serve to those who truly need it. "We must eliminate wasting food by making its' production more efficient and mapping it better to global demands, combined with dispensing it more logically and effecively."

Term Limits for Congress, Senate

Kal Korff: "I fully support term limits for the offices of the United States Congress and the United States Senate. "For Congress, the total term limits allowed is five two year terms, or 10 total years. Nothing more. "For the Senate it is two terms, or 12 total years in office. Nothing more. "While critics of term limits argue that we already have a mechanism to impose term limits, it's called voting people out of office. While this is true in theory, with corruption endemic in the form of gerrymandering antics, the system is rigged and essentially broken. "With the proverbial foxes now guarding the hen houses, it's time to force term limits since our 'representatives' have lost the right to run in perpetuity since their acts have corrupted the electorate."

Gun Laws, Conceal and Open Carry

Kal Korff: "I support the universal right of citizens to have guns, the right to bear arms. "I also support both conceal and open carry. "It is a lie to say that, 'Guns kill people.' "No, guns do not kill people. "Instead, people use guns to kill each other. This fact is distinctly different. "Guns are nothing without people. Without people to use them, guns can do nothing. Stop blaming the weapon, instead of the guilty individuals. "Having said this, again, fully supporting the legal right to own guns, both open and coneal carry; I also fully support universal background checks and closing these stupid legal loopholes that currently exist. There is nothing 'wrong' with universal background checks. "Guns should not be sold to the wrong people, only lawful citizens."


Kal Korff: "I support a sane immigration policy, one that empowers legal immigrants in a transparent and accountable path to citizenship. "I support enforcing immigration laws, not breaking them. "Our current immigration system is broken, both the Democrats and Republicans have made a point to break it. Depends on the issue and to what degree. "As an immigrant nation, we MUST do better!"


Kal Korff: "There is only ONE RACE – HUMAN! "Any other claim, is racism. "The color of one's skin is determined by genetics and environmental factors. "Racism has no place in science. "Science isn't racist, people are."


Kal Korff: "THERE IS NO SUCH THING as the 'Paranormal.' "This very term is an oxymoron, at best. "Instead, there is only the NORMAL. "Human beings cannot be the exception to the laws of the Universe. "What people call 'paranormal' today, if it were ever to be proven to unquestionably exist, would really be normal, just not discovered by science as of yet."

Alien Life • Life Elsewhere In The Universe

Kal Korff: "People often ask me if I believe in life on other worlds. The answer is that I am as sure that it exists, as much I can be sure of anything I have never seen. Here's why: "Life exists on Earth in countless forms. We cannot be the exception of the laws of the Universe. Instead, we are part of this Universe. "There are billions of galaxies out there with hundreds of billions of stars in each of them, there are trillions of other planets, countless numbers of which are much like Earth. "Ergo, life must exxist elsewhere in the Universe, otherwise we could not exist – and we do!"

False Accusations

As a public figure, especially being in the media since I was a young teenager, it has been both my observation of others as well as in my direct experience, that people will say and especially make up things about you once you achieve a certain level of fame. As the victim of everything from longtime cyberstalking to threats of all kinds dating back to last century, especially since I started doing original research and exposes via investigative journalism, my views are twofold: 1. You know what you have done and especially, what you have NOT done. If "it" NEVER happened, it NEVER happened. Never means never, or it means nothing at all. What matters is what really happened, not what someone claims, happened. 2. When false claims are made by people or entities who deliberately hide their identities and post things as "Anonymous" or use other means to hide, such types are not worthy of ever responding to, they automatically have no credibility. Deliberately playing the "anonymous" game in this way is no different than being cowardly. When falsely accused, I believe you should face the accuser making whatever charge directly and in front of a relevant neutral party when necessary or logical. Every accused person has the right to face their accuser(s), especially when it involves the chance to disprove them. This right is universal.

Corruption and Democracy

Democracy and the Republic it is meant to serve, is just like bodybuilding. You get out of it, what you put into it! While it is one thing for politicians and officials to become corrupt on their own, it is another matter entirely when voters make a point to continue to elect "represetatives" who will not do their jobs properly, are corrupt, paid and for and owned by "Big Money," -- then CONplain that things are wrong. Voters determine who their "representatives" are. If you elect the wrong people, you won't get the results you want.


Apologists for Communism will say that "there has never been a real Communist country." Thank God, literally! For it is not a "coincidence" that Communism has killed more people than any other political system in documented history. If you don't believe me, please bother to look up genocide and just who in history are among the top five mass murderers. You can loook this up even in Guiness Book of World Records. After doing so, you will find that Communist China's Chairman Mao murdered the most people, that Communist Russia's dictator, Joseph Stalin, murdered more people (his own fellow Russians even!) than former German Nazi dictator and Fascist, Adolf Hitler did during World War II and the Holocaust. While Hitler gets much of the bad mass murderer press and Internet traffic, it is really Mao and Stalin who outdid Hitler by a huge margin. Other mass murdering Communists have been dictator Pol Pot of Cambodia, his Khmer Rouge murdered millions of people. Other mass murdering Communists are Cuba's Fidel Castro and Communist North Korea's "Rocket Man" dictator. Why is mentioning all this important? Because apologists for Communism will lie and say this isn't "real Communism," which is historically not true. Under Communism there are no real indiviodual rights or liberties. Instead, the government owns and controls everything, including all lands. People work in collective factories and farms, the state takes their products, all media and freedom of speech (even assembly) does not exist. There are no free and fair, open elections. Private enterprise is not allowed, when exceptions are made (such as in Communist China) the Communist Party still controls everything, takes their cut of everything. Under Communism, the individual does not matter. Everything is about "the party" or "the state" or "Dear Leader." Thankfully, only a few Communist countries still exist today. ALL of them deliberately imploded themselves. Communist China, which is really a Totalitarian Capitalistic Dictatorship, remains the greatest threat to world peace and stability today. Communism kills people, literally. When it does not do it literally, physically, it does it mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In the Communist mindset, no "God" exists. Instead, MAN is THE ULTIMATE! Communism destroys the human spirit, it takes away natural tendancies to try to improve things, innovate, compete, invent, push the human race forwards. It destroys free enterprise, genuine competition and scientific progress across the spectrum because humans are stripped of their individual liberty.


In my opinion, and this has been my view for decades now ever since I started understanding just enough science, WOMEN are the TOP LIFE FORMS on this planet. Here's why, and here's my defense of this argument: Women can have children. Men cannot. History has proven that there really has never been a female equivalent of Communist gencidal dictators Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim jong-Un; Nazi Germany's dictator Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, etc. To women, LIFE and their RELATIONSHIP TO IT is VERY DIFFERENT, versus that of being a man. The reason for this is simple biology and physics. A baby grows inside a woman and is birthed by that woman, this experience never happens to a man. Woman are not as violent as men, they as a rule NEVER start wars. If more women were in charge of this planet, there would arguably be less violence, poverty, indeed many of the problems the world faces today only because it deliberately refuses to face and then SOLVE them. While I believe I can defend with science many reasons explaining WHY women are "superior" to men, let us be clear that ALL people should be treated equally under the laws. Another part of my view on this has to do with sexism. I would NEVER vote for ANYONE just because they have either a penis or a vagina. I do NOT care. Instead, one should always vote or support someone based on their moral character, experience, capabilities and deliverables. Words mean nothing unless they are backed up by tangible, proper deliverables. Unfortunateoly in today's world, this issue is especially prevalent and "front and center" in the upcomg U.S. Presidential election, where there are people who are actually VOTING based on either the SEX or RACE of the candidates. This is wrong on principle, any other reason is a bonus. What makes this especially hypocritical by such advocates, is when some of these people who will vote for these reasons, out of the other side of their mouth, they claim they are "against" racism and sexism, but will support candidates just because they're women or due to their ethinicity. Those dynamics are racism and sexism, which means they're forms of hatred. LOVE does NOT "drive" sexism or racism. This kind of hypocrisy arguably harms society and overall social IQ.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Many people wrongly play the dishonest game of "blaming Trump" for the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic that has impacted the USA. In reality, this is a disingenuous, phony, "straw man" argument. Here's why: While Trump was not acting fast enough to lock down the country, Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, New York Mayor De Blasio, and several of the usual circus clowns in the DNC were attacking Trump for being a "racist" for not allowing flights from Communist China. The FACT that the Communist Party of China, under the DIRECT ORDERS of its Dictator-for-life Xi Jinling, made the deliberate, calculating decison to not only allow but it "encouhraged" travel from China to the rest of the world, especially the USA. At the same itme, Xi Jinping BANNED travel INSIDE CHINA, to save his own ass, proving once again that he will murder anyone, just like his Communist Comrades have done earlier, and globally – just read history. REAL History, Matters! What Xi Jinping did was not a "coincidence," it was not "happenstance," nor were these events "accidential." Instead, what Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party did was make a point to unleash a biological attack on the rest of the world by the very dynamic of ewhat they lied about, covered up, and how irresponsibly they acted. Even if the USA had been prepared, and it is wholly President Trump's fault that the USA was not, what the Communist Chinese Party and its dicttaor have done must never be allowed to stand, or those nations who fail to hold Xi Jinping's regime accountable, deserve the consequences of their failures to act morally, in response. To be blunt, the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic is simple cause and effect, as is almost everything else in this known universe.

READ ME FIRST - My Position Statements

People often try to fit me or put me into a single box per se, even though it is wrong to do this in my case for the only reason that matters: it doesn't work. While I think it is human nature to try to do this with people in general, especially in much of today's polarized society, please know that with everything, I try to take each issue on its own merits or lack of. It is wrong to describe me as being any single thing such as a liberal, conservative, progressive, Democrat, Republican, Neocon or whatever. In my case, such sweeping generalizations and/or labels do not apply to me. On this page, you can compare my official writings, statements and views presented here and on my other official online entities such as my Facebook page, Twitter, Medium, Scribd, etc., versus what people falsely claim. My books, TV shows, lectures, radio shows, 10,000+ published articles and lots more didn't research and write nor create themselves. Since I am the only person who can and does "speak" for myself, and I certainly do, if anyone tells you that my views are different than what I am claiming here on these topics, they are either wrong or are lying.

Kal's Roswell Expose Is Unique
Kal Korff is one of the four original Roswell researchers, along with William Moore and Stanton Friedman. Accordingly, he was featured on the 50th anniversary all day broadcast special on Roswell by MSNBC. His book exposes the false claims made in all 22 other major titles on Roswell. This updated paperback edition was the first book to expose the lies of Colonel Philip Corso. Kal's book remains the bestselling Roswell expose to date.
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Kal's Meier Expose Is Unique
Kal Korff is the only person who has made several secret, undercover trips inside the Billy Meier UFO cult in Switzerland. The results of his definitive expose have been featured on everything from FOX TV to Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast AM radio show, Steve Cambian's Midnight Hour, and in countless articles. Posing as Meier "believer" Steve Thomas during his first trip, for FOX TV Kal used the name "Oscar Meyer Wiener." Includes over 110+ pics.