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Kal Korff's Published Articles

One of the highest honors a journalist can be given is the task of writing a Full Page Special, especially for the most widely read editions of a newspaper, which tends for most of them to be their Sunday Edition. Most of my Full Page Specials have been written for and published by Daily Post and Daily World newspapers. I am especially grateful to their Editors, the Editor-In-Chief and the Owner and Publisher for this elite and rare privilege. Most writers and journalists far better than I can ever be, unfortunately never get this opportunity!

Incredible India Takes Mom To Mars
Secret CIA Black Site Prisons
Iran Deal Inconvenient Truth
Mandela - He Changed The World
Remembering The Greatest - Muhammad Ali.
Greek Tragedy - Self Inflicted Drama Que
India's New Air Force The French Connect
Fingers Crossed - Presidential Election
Cuba's Fidel Castr Dies - The Inconvenie
Presidential Briefing MU Medium Article.
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