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10,000+ Articles, Here's a Few

1973 – Hayward, California. Kal Korff's writing career began when he was in sixth grade. As a young prodigy student, Kal authored his first book, Star Voyage, at the age of 11. At age 13, Kal Korff was already lecturing and teaching. By age 15 he was being featured in newspapers, then on radio and TV; wrote his second book, was also published dozens of times in magazines. To date, Kal Korff has written 12 books, has more than 10,000 articles published covering a wide variety of topics while doing broadcasting, writing, research and reporting from 27 countries on four continents for radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

Inside Story Murder of Khurram Zaki
Colin Powell Exposes Hillary Clinton
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