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Some Expose Articles

Presidential Briefing MU Medium Article.

Former CIA Deputy Director Ron Pandolfi, former U.S. Congressman Dan Marriott of the world famous Marriott Hotel chain, both could testify in California Superior Court in a trial for participating in a “technoscam” involving UFOs and a phony “anti-gravity”device that bilked investors.

Roswell UFO Crash What They Don't Want Y

This is the BESTSELLING Roswell expose of all time, written by one of the FOUR ORIGINAL ROSWELL RESEARCHERS. Exposes the false claims and lies in 22 of the top Roswell books. After all these years, this research still stands.

Kal's Korner Radio Show

Kal's Korner Radio Show: covers everything from Politics to the Paranormal. Available on iTunes, iHeart Radio,, Spreaker, Spotify.

Exposing Harry Reid's "Black Budget"

For decades CIA Scientist Dr. Ron Pandolfi has manipulated UFO researchers in a disinformation campaign designed to influence and confuse the public about the subject of UFOs and scam investors out of their money.

From Conspiracy To CONspiracy - The

This Daily World Full Page Special summarizes both Kal Korff's historic 16 year investigation and eventual solving of JFK's assassination, and summarizes the newly declassified JFK files released by the U.S. govt.

Spaceships Of The Pleiades Web 172x225

The DEFINITIVE EXPOSE of the infamous Billy Meier UFO cult in Switzerland. Join Kal as he goes secretly undercover posing as a "Meier believer" in this stunning investigation. 188 Photos and illustrations, many never published before.

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