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Kal K Korff

December 4, 2023

Dear Diary,

Today was an incredibly GREAT day! My cousin Lee stopped by unexpectedly, so we changed our schedule, went down together to DMV here in Nevada. I had not seen him in a few years, he wanted to just go with us doing whatever we were doing so he could visit, which was great. Win-win for all.

So I told him that my Mom and I were going down to DMV to get the address changed on my Real ID to be harmonized with my address in Carson City, Nevada, which is my real official residence. I have been waiting for this appointment for months, earliest I could get it. Have been in limbo per se for sometime waiting for this official change as so many things have been happening and finally winding up. Tomorrow I get my business cards for my two companies, UFOlitics, changed to be harmonized with my proper address in Carson City. Won’t have to do this again for three years, which is great.

I called the Confidential Address Program to inform them that I would be doing this, they asked me during an earlier meeting months ago when my appointment would be, they were also informed that my updated report to them regarding my haters and cyberstalkers who have been identified and are breaking laws harassing me, will be submitted shortly. I will deliver it, on DVD with evidence, in person.

I have to give them a copy of my new ID for their files, confirm for them that the Real ID issue has been resolved. It is weird taking your Cousin to do stuff like this, but he’s grown up with me so he knows about my lives exposing these UFO and paranormal frauds, being an Analyst, Intel officer, etc. If it were not for Operation Pandora's Box, my academic thesis and database work on these extremists, haters, cyberstalkers, CONspiracy nuts, being cyberstalked, harassed, threatened for decades, I would NOT be doing this. But as I told Zoe years ago in my first interview with media after returning secretly to the USA, I would execute Operation Pandora's Box, get the UFOlitics and Saucer City series out, I even asked her if she would be in it, swore her to secrecy, to originally play Pleiadora or Zoellians. Nothing has changed, wrote about this 50 years ago, even in poems and songs. It is dangerous enough, as famed “Father of Roswell” Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman told me often, “Our favorite pastime is tribal warfare.”

Stanton Friedman was right about this, wars remain our problem, but the problem is much bigger and more foundamental. As I told Stan every time we talked about this, AVOIDING PEACE IS THE PROBLEM! Whether it is nukes, chemical weapons, only conventional ones; when one does not have REAL PEACE, one has everything BUTT PEACE. This means war, or if not war, strife and conflicts and costs and suffering and problems which are all needless, wholly avoidable. Self infliction, deliberate avoidance, IS A CHOICE!

I miss our discussions, they were deep, soap boxy and yes, he avoided my expose book on Roswell at the events we appeared together at. I am not criticizing him for any of this, we were always friends, even after he lost our debate on Roswell and UFOs after my three hours lecture at the University of Portland. I knew I was saying goodbye to him, and that going forward, we agreed that if he crossed certain lines – and he DID – I would be forced again to expose him, only it would be obvious the problem was him!

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