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REAL History, matters.
You can't "undo" it.

Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 Book Scandal

Kal Korff and Rob McConnell release Volume 1 of the new UFOlogy UFOOLogy books from the REAL History Matters series.

The CIA's CONspiracy Against Wendelle Stevens

Kal Korff and Steven Cambian release Volume 2 of the new UFOlogy UFOOLogy books from the REAL History Matters series.

Skeptical Inquirer Nov-Dec 2019

2019 - Kal Korff shares his recollections about famed UFO researcher and Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman, and what caused them to "agree to disagree" on two famous UFO cases, Roswell and the Betty and Barney Hill "alien" abduction.

UFOlogy UFOOLogy Volume 1 Annie Jacobsen

2020 - Kal Korff teams up with longtime TV broadcaster Rob McConnell to write their joint expose book of bestselling author and UFO mythmaker, Annie Jacobsen. Their expose is the DEFINITIVE work on Jacobsen's bogus claims that Russia "faked" the Roswell incident to sow panic in the USA. You can't make this stuff up.

REAL Disclosure 1 Event

2019 - October 19, 2019, Kal Korff held an all day event called REAL UFO Disclosure 1. Working with select media partners and investigators, 12 cases were "previewed" and data was given to various parties. These items are all scheduled to be released starting in 2020, beginning with the Annie Jacobsen expose. He shows many of these slides on Steven Cambian's Truth Seekers, gives HUNDREDS of them to different researchers and reporters.

How Obama Spied On Trump

2017 - Kal Korff exposes how American President Barack Obama and various intelligence entities and governments spied on Donald Trump.


1991 - Kal Korff goes secretly undercover into the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, posing as a Billy Meier "believer" named "Steve Thomas." Kal fools the Meier cult and goes to the locations where Meier faked his "UFO" pictures and recreates them. This is the definitive expose of the Meier UFO hoax and fraud.

Kal On CNN's Larry King Live

November 22, 1993 - CNN's Larry King Live! On a special 30th anniversary show honoring the memory of American President John F. Kennedy, Kal Korff presented the results of his 16 year study which solved JFK's assassination. Kal debated former House Select Committee Investigator Gaeton Fonzi, and soundly beat him. Not a single caller telephoned in to speak to Fonzi in this live show which was broadcast globally.

Kal Korff on FOX TV's Encounters

1994 - Kal Korff debates and defeats Jim Dilettoso on FOX TV's show Encounters, produced by Robert Kiviat, of Alien Autopsy fame.

Spaceships Hardcover 1

1995 - Prometheus Books publishes Kal Korff's Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story. It remains the definitive expose on the Meier UFO cult and hoax.

Roswell UFO Crash Hardcover

1997 - Prometheus Books publishes Kal Korff's book, The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You To Know.

June 1997 - ABC KOMO TV, Seattle

June 1997 - ABC KOMO TV, Seattle: Kal Korff debates and defeats Roswell author Kevin Randle, who appeared on the show with Roswell hoaxer "witness" Frank Kaufmann, who he endorsed at that time. Randal has since dropped his support for Kaufmann. Kal Korff's book on Roswell exposed Kaufmann, as did Karl Pflock and investigative journalist Art Levine.


July 4, 1997 - Kal Korff is one of the four original Roswell researchers, along with William Moore and Stanton Friedman. Accordingly, he was featured on the 50th anniversary all day broadcast special on Roswell by MSNBC. His book exposes the false claims in all 22 other major titles on Roswell. The updated paperback edition was the first to expose the lies of Colonel Philip Corso.

Kal Korff on Leeza, NBC Paramount 1

1997 - Kal Korff appears on the popular daytime talkshow Leeza, starring Leeza Gibbons. In this episode Kal is unexpectedly "tested" before a live audience to see if he can analyze three UFO videos properly. He passes this test, calls for public release of UFO related files, pushes for scientific UFOlogy and exposes the Phoenix Lights. Leeza mentions Kal's passion for wanting government files released as long as they do NOT violate national security.


2000 - Kal Korff in Robert Kiviat's and FOX TV's Ghosts: Best Evidence Caught On Tape. Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, and Los Angeles, California. Kal was a key researcher on this project and handled production issues in Prague.

2000 - REVISED PAPERBACK edition of Kal Korff's Roswell expose book. It was the first to expose the false claims of Colonel Philip Corso.

Kal On LBC 1

2004 – Kal Korff appears live in London, Great Britain, on LBC Radio talking about the world's most popular CONspiracies and popular myths. He also promoted the 2004 Unconvention where he was the main speaker, giving four lectures on six subjects during this two day event, which was recorded on video.


2004 - Kal Korff lectures as the main speaker at Fortean Times' Unconvention at the Commonwealth Club in London, England. Kal gives two speeches covering six subjects. It is recorded on video, parts are broadcast on French and German TV, along with interviews on JFK's assassination, Roswell, CONspiracy myths, etc.

The Making Of Bigfoot Web 172x225

2004 - Greg Long's book, The Making of Bigfoot, is the DEFINITIVE expose of the infamous Roger Patterson "Bigfoot" hoax film. Kal Korff played a vital role in getting this book originally published, he also writes the Foreword. Identified and interviewed is not only the man who wore the Bigfoot suit in the hoax film, so is the costume maker who sold Roger Patterson what he used to fake his infamous movie. Case Closed. Bigfoot BELIEBERS remain in denial of the facts in this book. An AWESOME read!

Presidential Briefing MU Medium Article.

Oct 2019 - Former CIA Deputy Director Ron Pandolfi, former U.S. Congressman Dan Marriott of the world famous Marriott Hotel chain, both could testify in California Superior Court in a trial for participating in a “technoscam” involving UFOs and a phony “anti-gravity”device that bilked investors.

The FBI's Secret Cattle Mutilation Files

2017 India - Kal Korff writes a book exposing false "cattle mutilation" claims by Linda Moulton Howe and others, includes the FBI's once SECRET cattle mutilation files, and key excerpts from the most through investigation an FBI agent ever did into this subject. These results effective destroy claims by Howe and others still made to this day, all these decades later. This book was written to prove this point, and that REAL History, matters!

Exposing Al Gore's False Claims On Clima

2017 India - Kal Korff writes a short book exposing two of Al Gore's most infamous falsehoods about climate change. Arguing that "No valid case can ever be built on a false claim," the reason Kal wrote this expose is to separate fact from fiction about this vital subject. Responsible environmentalism is every person's duty, it must be dealt with on a purely factual basis.

What DIDN'T Happen Volume 1 Web 172x225.

2017 India - In direct response to Hillary Clinton's arguably "pity party" book trying to rationalize why it is that she lost the 2016 U.S. Presidential election to Donald Trump, Kal Korff writes this book exposing why and how Hillary Clinton's false claim that a study supposedly proving that "voter suppression" caused her to lose the state of Wisconsin to Trump is a pure fraud. Exposed is the fact that Hillary paid for a study that was not credible, connected to her own campaign!

Final Verdict JFK's Murder Solved Specia

2018 - Daily World newspaper publishes Kal's expose on JFK's assassination and overview of the newly declassified JFK assassination files.

The Wisdom Od Deepak Chopra's Random Buz

2017 India - Kal Korff writes this expose book on the doublespeak of Deepak Chopra. The text of this book consists of random gibberish put together by a computer algorithm using the same words Deepak Chopra is known for in his schtick. Studies indicate that about HALF the people who read these randomly generated words are UNABLE TO DISTINGUISH between them and real words spoken by Chopra. Case closed!

2019 - Kal Korff's two books about the FBI's secret cattle mutilation files and exposing Deepak Chopra are put into a new Anthology series.

2019 - Kal Korff's two books about Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are put into a new Anthology series.

Kal's Korner Radio Show iHeart Radio 1

March 2017, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Middle East. Kal's Korner Radio Show, which covers everything from Politics to the Paranormal, is exclusively re-launched on Rob McConnell's The first broadcast of this weekly show airs from Abu Dhabi, with further shows from India, Europe, USA.

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