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UFOlitics President Kal Korff Files Formal Complaints Against FOX TV's, History Channel's Nick Pope

UFOlitics is a new company whose family of products (videos, books, software, merchandise, real whistleblower and other complaints), represents 50 years worth of original research and development. Part of Operation Pandora's Box, these deliverables expose UFO, Paranormal frauds and scammers, corrupt media and politicians who play UFOlitics, waste taxpayer money and deceive the public.

Famed TV personality Mr. Nick Pope is shown as an Avatar named Nicky Pope in the new series UFOlitics and UFOlitics - Saucer City.
Famed TV personality Mr. Nick Pope is shown as an Avatar named Nicky Pope in the new series UFOlitics and UFOlitics - Saucer City.

UFOlitics is proud to announce two new online shows to start with: UFOlitics, and UFOlitics - Saucer City. Click the links and relevant video imagery to view them.


Carson City, Nevada, July 4, 2023 - UFOlitics is a groundbreaking company dedicated to exposing UFO and paranormal frauds, CONspiracy nuts; corrupt politicians and entities who waste taxpayer money and commit consumer and investor fraud, proudly announces its formal public launch. UFOlitics helps protect the public and investors and bring the guilty to justice. Both UFOlitics and UFOlitics - Saucer City shows, UFOComp software and 24 expose book series are just four major deliverables from 50 years of investigation and research.

“UFOlitics is the intersection of UFOs, the Paranormal and Politics,” explains Kal Korff, who is not only President and CEO of this new company UFOlitics, he is also the original inventor of this word, who also duly enshrined it in The UFO Dictionary in the 1970s. “I have always said that nothing good ever comes from playing UFOlitics. UFOlitics must be avoided and exposed at all costs, it wastes taxpayer money, deceives the public, fuels corruption and other crimes,” Korff stated.

In today’s world, misinformation, disinfo and scams are not only widespread, they have also become weaponized. This shituation has reached a point where Congress is enacting laws based on fraudulent UFO claims and hoaxes, resulting in abuse and waste of taxpayer funds and deceptions of the general public. UFOlitics exists as a reliable ally for individuals who are searching for truth and justice. Comprised of senior seasoned researchers with over 50 years of experience, whistleblowers and legal pros, this company and its video series, books, merchandise and other deliverables expose scammers, conspiracy theorists, corrupt politicians who waste taxpayer money playing UFOlitics, media and people who exploit the public.

“This has never been attempted before,” emphasizes Kal Korff. Korff should know, since he is the only known person to officially file formal legally protected criminal whistleblower complaints with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other entities against various well known and highly praised in the media, top UFO frauds and Paranormal scammers as part of Operation Pandora’s Box, which was formally launched on December 17, 2017 as outlined in a five page Brief.

“The first individual we started our complaints against in two separate states last week are FOX TV and History Channel’s Nick Pope. Nick Pope is the FRAUD and FAKE British Government's Ministry of Defense "UFO Director" who has deceived the public and has committed consumer fraud among other crimes, for years. Relevant files, links and evidence against these and other exposed guilty parties, can be downloaded for FREE at," said Kal Korff.


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