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Collect the entire series! FAKEships Conversation Mugs are the REAL DEAL, unlike Billy Meier's hoax UFO pics. Not only do these beauties never mince words, they are designed to help facilitate conversations, they even help protect you from consumer fraud by the Billy Meier UFO Sex Cult and its promoters like Mikey Horn.


This expose Conversation Mug proves that this famed Billy Meier picture series taken at Unter-Balm are a FRAUD!


These exclusively designed expose wonders are perfect for sitting down with friends and debating the facts about Billy Meier's FAKEship UFO imagery. Use them to win bets, smoke Billy Meier UFO Sex Cult Beliebers in debates, make Semjase even FEAR YOU! Collect the entire series of these Limited Release gems.

FAKEships Conversation Mug 3

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