Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WHAT is UFOComp?

UFOComp is software designed for UFOlogy, not UFOOLogy. UFOlogy is the scientific study of UFO data. UFOOLogy is when someone makes statements or conclusions about UFOs which are not deriavble from credible data.

WHO is UFOComp for?

UFOComp has been designed for everyone, regardless of what their views on UFOs are.

WHAT does UFOComp cost?

UFOComp is free. It is in beta testing right now, and is expected to be released in July, 2021. To reserve you FREE COPY, please email us by submitting the form below.

WHAT computing platforms does UFOComp run on?

UFOComp runs on iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, Windows and works on the Internet via any WebKit compatible Browser.

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