UFOComp - Public Test Beta

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WELCOME TO UFOComp - software for UFOlogy, not UFOOLogy.


UFOlogy is the scientific study of UFO data, period.


UFOOLogy is when someone makes statements or conclusions about UFOs which are not derivable from credible data. UFOlogy is fine, UFOOLogy is always a problem by its inherent nature.


Kal Korff first started developing UFOComp in 1976, at age 14. Realizing the emerging potential of computers, UFOComp evolved from what was an originally an elaborate Index card system fleshing out Dr. J. Allen Hynek's original "Close Encounters of the First, Second and Third Kind" classification schema.

UFOComp is not only the most advanced software standard in publicly known UFO research, it has no peers and is being released on a collaborative basis to a small, key group of researchers; while a more generic public release is being put online via this web site.

REMEMBER: UFOlogy is the scientific study of UFO data. Ergo, a UFOlogist engages only in the scientific investigation of UFO data. It is important not to mix up nor interchange UFOlogy with UFOOLogy. They are distinctly different. UFOlogy is not UFOOLogy, just like Astronomy is not and never will be, Astrology.

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