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The UFO Dictionary Project

THE UFO DICTIONARY PROJECT is an effort that I conceived of and founded when I was in high school. It was then launched with the full support of Stanton Friedman and William L. Moore, its digital contents and the first functioning version of my UFOComp software and filing system were stored on ‘old school‘ eight-inch wide floppy disks and then state-of-the-art Dictaphone Artec word processors using metal printwheel fonts. Later, this was ported to HyperCard, which was its first multimedia incarnation. I was on the HyperCard Software Development Team as its only Stack Engineer for the Apple-Claris release. Kal's UFOComp software has been covered in the media since he was age 15. 

Since it was Stanton Friedman who first taught me when I was age 13, the very definition of the word UFOlogy versus its opposite counterpart, UFOOLogy, I grew dismayed over time when basic but important terms were illogically and carelessly being mixed together by many researchers, including Friedman himself, despite some of their motives being sincere.

Obviously, not only was standardization of correct terminology vital, ruthless enforcement of its use was also a critically important part of this. This was best achieved technically FIRST, human behavior wise second. The key concept and solution was Data Dictionaries. The UFO Dictionary became an EMBEDDED DATA DEFINITIONS DICTIONARY which meant that NOTHING COULD VIOLATE officially codified data definitions and content, or it could easily be flagged as being either UFOlogy or UFOOLogy (i.e., true or false). 

This is because UFOlogy is the SCIENTIFIC STUDY of UFO reports, period – Nothing more, nothing less.


UFOOLogy is when a person makes statements or conclusions abut UFOs, which are NOT DERIVABLE from CREDIBLE data. 

Put another way, words either mean what they do, or they mean nothing at all.


This architecture feature was especially used in my online web sites when they were on Word Press and Joomla. Words entered into the Data Dictionary which contained all definitions, were Hyperlinks people could click on to view those definitions.

UFOComp and Kal Korff have always used Distributed Network Architectures so that strict science can be applied and metrics where possible, separating fact from fiction and producing deliverables via the customized and proprietary BRADS System, which was Created, Designed and Coded by Kal Korff; used by TotalResearch and Korff Kiosks for various commercial projects with partners and customers.


Today, The UFO Dictionary project is still part of UFOComp, which today exists online and in printed books and software modules which run on mobile devices and online web sites and is a module in the UFOComp computing platform which is FileMaker Pro based. Here are some key terms and their definitions as they are used in this series. This list of terms will always be expanded, please check back regularly for its latest updates.

Alien FRAUDTopsy: Popularly known as the Alien Autopsy case, this is a hoaxed or faked movie claiming to show the 'autopsy' of an alien creature in 1947. Spyros Melaris is the Magician who faked this move working with a sculptor and scammer Ray Santilli.

ARSE: Avatar Rendition Services Exchange. ARSE is the brainchild of Kal Korff, it is executed by the AI Founding Father of UFOlitics - Saucer City, Testosticlese. Kal Korff is the Top ARSE commander.

Aviary: An imaginary group of government and/or powerfully connected people who keep custody of the USA’s “Cosmic Watergate UFO secrets.” The Aviary was literally made up by Jamie Shandera and original Roswell Incident book co-author William L. Moore, who gave some of their sources code names after birds, such as “Falcon” and “Condor.” They used the novel The Falcon and the Snowman as their inspiration. While this little known information is public knowledge, UFO Beliebers still today cling onto the mythology of the Aviary, MJ-12 documents, and the religion of “Disclosure,” ad nauseam. Disclosure types are very ‘special’ people. It takes ‘special talent’ to believe in something as if it was real, when it was obviously not only made up, literally, we even know the names of those who did it!

Beliebers: To UFO Beliebers, facts never matter. “It’s all good, even if it’s a hoax, there’s still gotta be aliens!” This term was named in honor of Justin Bieber fans, who never object to anything Justin Bieber does, even when he urinates in public. UFO Beliebers believe in “special” things, CONspiracies and events that are not true and have never happened.

Bigly: When something happens in a big way.


Binary Case: A binary UFO case is one that is provable one way or another, for it contains either definitive evidence for alien visitations or it does not. Binary UFO cases are vital to study because their very nature means they can be solved, i.e., it’s aliens or not.

CONdidate: A candidate for anything, which pushes something that is knowingly or provably false.


CONnection: A ‘connection’ that is not true, is false, or is a “con” or is contrived.


CONspiracy: A “conspiracy” where none exists, it is made up and it is a lie.


CONvenient: When it is not truly convenient, when someone uses an excuse to lamely “justify” their refusal to face issues and they know they are in avoidance or are deceiving people.


Cosmic Watergate: A term coined by Stanton Friedman to describe the U.S. Government’s all-seeing, all-knowing, all-wise cover-up concerning the subject of UFOs, flying saucer wreckage and alien bodies from Corona, New Mexico. Stanton Friedman claimed that not one, but two flying saucers crashed in New Mexico in the summer of 1947! The term Cosmic Watergate is misleading and deceptive, it is also a non-sequitur since Watergate was a political problem, it was not a national security issue. If aliens are visiting Earth, abducting human beings as claimed, this is automagically a national security issue, politics are secondary.

Cosmic Watermelon: A term coined by famed UFO researcher Robert Todd, who first discovered the connection between Project Mogul and Roswell. It is used to describe Stanton Friedman’s and other people’s attempts to ‘prove’ or provide ‘hard evidence’ for their claimed Cosmic Watergate CONspiracy, statements which have been exposed as misleading or false.

Debunk/Debunkers: One fast and accurate way to test whether any person talking to you about UFOs even knows basic facts about this subject, is to just ask them what the word Debunker means. If they are a Friedmanite, they will falsely claim that “Debunkers have closed minds.” “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up.”


This deliberate and arguably delusional twisting of the real meaning of the word Debunker by Stanton Friedman is wrong. In the real world, try looking up the definition of what Debunker really means. Debunking simply separates “bunk” or bullshit, from facts. 


Debunking separates truth versus fiction, reality versus fantasy. Look it up!


One would think that separating truth from nonsense would be a ‘good thing’ in studying UFO reports, right? Not according to Friedmanites.


The hypocrisy of Friedmanites is palpable when one thinks critically about their schtick.


Don’t be fooled. To be blunt, this problem issue of twisting words is their problem.


Disclosure: An imaginary ‘movement’ (and to some a literal religion) which holds that the U.S. Government is on the verge of “disclosing” the “real truth” about UFOs. Naturally, to Disclosure types, this means admitting they are not from Earth.


Ever since UFO researcher Jamie Shandera and Bill Moore made up the imaginary Aviary, UFO nut jobs, extremists and Beliebers have literally conned MILLIONS of dollars out of the public by further building on this, and deceiving them. 


This enormous consumer fraud, now a profitable industry for some pundits and entities, continues almost entirely unchecked today and has never been more rampant, with Big Media now involved and wholly culpable in helping promote false information about UFOs and the “paranormal” in general.

FAKEship: A “spaceship” which is fake or cannot be real. Named in honor of Swiss UFO Sex Cult leader and con artist Eduard “Billy” Meier and his “Spaceships” of the Pleiades.

Flying Saucer: A type of UFO that is "saucer" shaped and flies.


Friedmanite: A person who espouses the approach and views on UFOs and to UFO research in general that Nuclear Physicist and famed researcher Stanton T. Friedman did, in whose honor this term is coined. Anyone who believes in the same UFO related cases that Stan Friedman did.

Gesticulates: Anyone who engages in charismatic handwaving or says many things that have no real substance or are known as being "empty."


Infiniginormous: Infinitely ‘ginormous’ as in infinitely beyond gigantic.


Korffer: Someone who is a “fan” or supporter of Kal Korff. CONspiracy nutters, extremists and online haters have made a point to twist this word by falsely claiming they either ‘invented’ it, or that it means someone who attacks, cyber stalks or ‘exposes’ Kal Korff. In reality, the term “Korffer” was first used at John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont, California in 1976 to describe supporters of Kal Korff and his research.


Kritics: This term applies to ‘critics’ whose arguments or attacks have no validity, no credibility. 


Lamestream Media: When the media is “lame” in their coverage and commentary on a subject, which unfortunately occurs too often nowadays.


Nutters: Anyone who is “nuts” or is arguably crazy.

Pleiadian Beamship: One of several different types of FAKEships hoax UFO photos and models created by Swiss UFO Sex Cult leader Eduard “Billy” Meier using dinner plates and upside down cereal bowls. All of Meier’s key, major FAKEship UFO imagery and motion picture films have been duplicated by Phil Langdon and Kal Korff.

Presstitute: A Presstitute is a member of the press or media who plays UFOlitics or is dishonest with the truth where it concerns dealing with the public. 


Shituation: Between a rock and a hard place, screwed either way no matter what you do.

Testiclese: The Avatar Host of the online series UFOlitics.

Testosticlese: The Avatar AI Founding Father of UFOlitics - Saucer City.


UAO: Acronym – Unidentified Aerial Object. Any airborne object which is unidentified. Note: This term is often used today as a popular substitute for the classic term UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object.


UAP: Acronym – Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. A term that was first used in 1947, it is any ‘phenomenon’ which takes place in the air above ground level that is unidentified. Note: This term is often used today to play UFOOLogy games, as a popular substitute for the classic term UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object.


UFO: Acronym – Unidentified Flying Object. Any object which flies and is unidentified. Note: Sometimes UFO researchers, the general public and media will mix up and use the terms “UFO” and “flying saucer” as if they are automagically the same thing or are interchangeable. One should avoid doing this. UFOs are simply unidentified flying objects, period. Their shape is not relevant to the definition of this acronym. “Flying saucers” are but one type of UFO that has been reported, but not all UFOs are flying saucers. In fact at least 80 percent of all reported incidents describe lights in the night sky whose true shape are not possible to determine.


UFOComp: Software designed and developed by Kal Korff for UFOlogy, not UFOOLogy. To reserve and/or download your free copy, email:

UFODom/UFOdom: A generic word for the UFO field.


UFODumb: When the UFO field does something “dumb” or stupid, like refusing to use the word ‘Debunker’ correctly, which is too often the case.


UFOlitics: UFOlitics refers to the ‘politics’ of the subject of UFOs. UFOlitics includes everything from having the government not treat this subject seriously, to even using it as a cover story or misinformation for various activities. UFOlitics also includes private contractors trying to fleece the U.S. Government and other entities to study UFOs and any CONnections to paranormal. UFOlitics also refers to when UFO researchers promote info that pushes desired agendas, fact-based or not. UFOlitics involves manipulating the media, political representatives to help shape public opinion and policies.

UFOlitics - Saucer City: This is the location of the Kalossus Grand Temple of UFOOLogy, where ARSE renditioned rogue Avatars are put into their own Special Exhibits Room where they are surrounded by the BEST EVIDENCE against them - their own false claims and bullshit!

UFOlitics TV online series: Hosted by Avatar Testiclese, UFOlitics is an online series that features President and CEO, Kal Korff. He answers questions put to him by Testiclese and viewers, reveals insider info found nowhere else.

UFOOLitics: When one plays "UFOlitics" with what is really UFOOLogy. See the definition of UFOOLogy if this definition is not clear.


UFOlogist: Anyone who practices UFOlogy and not UFOOLogy.


UFOlogy: The scientific study of UFO data.

UFOOLogist: Anyone who practices UFOOlogy and not UFOlogy.


UFOOLogy: When a person makes conclusions or statements about UFOs which are not derivable from credible data.


Zeta Ridiculous: A spoof name for Zeta Reticuli, the mythical “home base” stars of the “aliens” who supposedly traveled to Earth and “abducted” Betty and Barney Hill. 

This term was created to accurately describe UFO Beliebers and promoters of the Hill case, since they are either ignorant of or deliberately ignore the Hipparcos star mapping satellite data which completely destroys any perceived credibility in the purported alien star map that Betty Hill drew while she was under hypnosis.


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