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Unlike most Authors, Investigative Journalists and especially his critics, Kal Korff has had over 10,000+ articles, columns, exposes, full page specials, OpEds, reviews, travel pieces, etc., published in newspapers and magazines worldwide. Here's hundreds of them.

Kal Korff wrote his first fiction book, Star Voyage, at age 11; had his first non-fiction book The Meier Incident, published when he was in high school. Famed original Roswell Incident co-author William Moore, was Kal's first publisher.

Kal Korff has been an accredited member of the media since he was in high school, and still has his original press pass from the '70s.

REAL History, Matters!

Kal Korff's 10,000+ Published Articles

  • On Supporting the Death Penalty

    Kal Korff: "I believe in the death penalty, or what is called Capital Punishment.

    The issue is not deterrence, that is a bullshit.


    Instead, the issue is Justice. 

    Justice for the victims, Justice for society and law and order.

    We must never allow criminals to be spared more than their victims, suffer less than their victims have.

    Take war criminals as examples. They murder innocent people.

    WHY should they be allowed to live and spend the rest of their lives being fed and kept safe at everyone's expense?

    They have lost all rights to be part of society and exist in my view.

    Don't let anyone play WhatAboutisms by changing the subject and bringing up the irrelevant issue of deterrence. The death penalty is NOT a "deterrent," it is NOT meant to be one, just like specific sentences for other crimes do not automagically eliminate them.


    The entire deterrence argument has no validity."

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