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"When I study a UFO case or any issue, I am after the truth, period. I do not care what that truth is, what matters is that we find the truth, then release it to the public," says Kal Korff, who is the President and CEO of both companies and UFOlitics.

Kal Korff is the last original Roswell researcher!


Kal Korff is the only UFO researcher in history, who was mentored by and lectured with both famed Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, "The Father of Roswell," and William Moore, who was Kal's first publisher and co-author of the original Roswell Incident book in 1980.


REAL History, matters!

Both companies and UFOlitics executes Kal Korff's Three Charters of Responsibility:

1. Conduct original research. Original research helps push the human race forwards.
2. Finish research left incomplete by others.
3. Study existing issues, find solutions.

The results of these projects are released to the public in various deliverables so they can decide issues themselves.

Our Mission, Promise

At UFOlitics, we Think Critically and open inquiries. We are fascinated by everything we do not know. This fact is why the company UFOlitics is part of the international Think Tank,, which first made its debut in 1999 as cited in articles and books.


Our goal is to provide a rigorous, evidence-based look at the world of UFOs and the hunt for alien life. We champion UFOlogy, which is the scientific study of UFO data, period. We also expose UFOOLogy, which is when people make statements or conclusions about UFOs which are not derivable from credible data.


Working with officials, we also file legally protected criminal whistleblower complaints against frauds, expose Politicians who play UFOlitics, presstitutes who deceive the public, extremists who scam the public and investors, waste taxpayer money abusing their powers.

Think Critically, Exposes

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