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REAL History, Matters!

Top Non-Fiction original scientific, investigative, research and reference expose books. Since October 19, 1973, Kal Korff has dedicated his existence to Three Charters of Responsibility:
1. Conduct original research.
2. Finish research left incomplete by others.
3. Study existing issues, find solutions.

Each of these works meets one or more of

Kal Korff's Three Charters Of Responsibility his two companies, and UFOlitics, focus on.


When completed, the results of these efforts are always released to the public so they can decide issues for themselves, or avoid them.

Think Critically!

#1 Selling Expose of 100 Books on the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash!

Kal Korff is the world's last original Roswell researcher, period. Mentored by "Father of Roswell," Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman, Kal's articles, books on Roswell first published in 1996, expose 100 pro-UFO Roswell titles and authors. Kal's book was the first to expose Roswell FRAUD Colonel Philip Corso in the year 1999. You do the math. REAL History, matters!

#1 Selling Expose on the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland!

In 1991, Kal Korff went secretly inside the Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland to expose it. Posing as Billy Meier Belieber Steve Thomas, Kal used this cover story to get original, firsthand evidence exposing Meier, recreating his FAKEship UFO hoaxed pics at the same locations. 400+ pages, 100+ pics, many never seen before. REAL History, matters!

#1 Selling Expose on the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film!

Kal Korff SOLVED the Paterson-Gimlin Bigfoot hoax film in 1977, at age 15. While not knowing the name of the man who wore this costume, the fact this film is a FRAUD was first proven in 1977. In 1998, the man who wore this Bigfoot suit was finally found, so was its costume maker, their confessions are in this

expose book. REAL History, matters!

Internationally respected, top Investigative Journalist and Author, Washington DC-based Art Levine, writes two of the most detailed and seminal expose articles in history, on top UFO frauds who have been deceiving the public for decades, who are now also busy "advising" Congress and the Senate, wasting taxpayer money, deceiving the world yet again. Let that sink in.


Not only has Art Levine done his own outstanding and excellent investigations of criminal UFO frauds, hoaxes and scams since the 1990s such as FAKE "Dr." Kevin Randle of Roswell UFO crash mythology fame, Levine was also secretly embedded in โ€‹Operation Pandora's Box (OPB). 


Levine was given full access to 20% of OPB for 20 months as Kal Korff and his team worked to bring and UFOlitics prosecution efforts and legally protected Whistleblower complaints to officials.


Project 76: FINAL VERDICT: JFK's Murder SOLVED!

Kal Korff started his historic 16 years computer DB study of U.S. President John F. Kennedy's murder when he was a student at JFK High School. After digitizing all top books on the topic, millions of docs and imagery, by 1988 JFK's case was SOLVED! Credit: Daily Post.

CNN, ABC, FOX TV: Kal Korff's Historic 16 Year Computer Study First SOLVES JFK's Murder

CriticalThinkers, UFOlitics Launch UFOComp Software for Researchers, Scientists

Most Authors and Investigative Journalists never had over 10,000+ articles published worldwide on a staggering variety of subjects. As a Polymorphic Polymath, Kal Korff's writings reflect exactly this, his diverse worlds, areas of expertise proven here.

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JFK's Murder SOLVED!

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REAL History, Matters! โ€ข Other People's Claims, Are NOT "Evidence" - FACTS Are

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