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This book is THE DEFINITIVE EXPOSE about the CIA's CONspiracy against former Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens and the claims that the CIA "framed" Wendelle Stevens for several counts of felony child molestation, to which Stevens voluntarily pled guilty.


This stunning book PROVES THE TRUTH about the CONspiracy rumors and EXPOSES the GUILTY PARTIES using never before published criminal case files, forensics and archival material found nowhere else. The purpose of each volume of UFO or UFOOLogy is to DEFINITIVELY SOLVE a specific case and bring full closure. This book is fully sourced, contains dozens of criminal case files from Wendelle Stevens Court files, which are not available online as this book goes to press. This book also exposes the harassment of Steven Cambian and Kal Korff by the Billy Meier UFO Sex Cult and one of its representatives, Mikey Horn.


Sex cult leader Billy Meier impregnated one of his cult followers and abandoned his wife. He and his believers claim a "Pleiadian-Hybrid" child has been produced. The book shows how a simple DNA test will prove otherwise, and how one will never materialize proving "Pleiadian" anything. Fully sourced with dozens of newly released documents.

The CIA's CONspiracy Against Wendelle Stevens

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